Kids Bedroom 

When you have not one but two kids it’s nice because they have each other and they always have someone to play with. when it comes to choosing furniture and everything else for their room it’s not that pleasant. Sharing a room is never easy for anyone. Read more

Creating a play area that both siblings can enjoy, even simultaneously, is super helpful, especially for tired mommies and daddies. Floor mats, cushions and soft larger items are perfect to outline the area and fun for both to play in. Read more

There is also another option for divide a room between two child. You can have two beds on top of each other and the lower one can be rolled underneath the other one when not used. It’s another way of saving space and of allowing your kids to sleep next to each other. Read more

Incorporate elements that show your children their growing family. Photos of the kids together, a center desk, framed hand prints of when they each were newborns encourage them to appreciate their younger or older sibling while adding a warm family atmosphere to their bedroom. Read more

Finding the space in one room for twice as much furniture and storage is one of the most daunting tasks when designing a shared room. Less is definitely more in a shared bedroom, as is multi functional and shared design. Read more

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