If you prefer a more classic look, or your child is a bit older and wants their room to look more grown-up, opt for a bold all-over colour in contrast to an otherwise neutrally furnished room, like in this bedroom. Read more

Whether that means really well-made pieces that will take a good hammering/climbing upon or furniture that will look as fabulous and work as well in their nursery as it does in their teenage pit, think hard before you buy. Read more

If arguments are common between your children, go the extra mile to make sure a small shared bedroom is a fight-free zone. By splitting the room exactly in half, each kid gets their own space and doesn’t need to worry about a sibling’s clothing or toys getting in their way. Read more

Plenty of storage with lots of light, soft squishy pillows and toys. Painting built-ins in a fun color is an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate color when it comes to decorating kids bedrooms.  Read more

Shelving is a great way to teach your kids to maintain better order in the room, as it’s not disguising anything, so every item should take its place.

One unified storage unit may be a great idea for the small kids room. Since they don’t have too many clothes or books yet, smaller drawers can accommodate it all, while the colorful palette brings lots of energy to the room.

Kids room furniture designs aren’t known to be versatile, but you can use and reuse this school-style locker wardrobe time and again as you kid grows older. You can even repurpose it later as a hallway closet.

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