Classic Dining Room

Every homeowner has his own taste and choice when in comes to the home’s interior design. These days, most people prefer a modern look since it is neater and simpler. But some people still stick to a classic design which makes use of more decorations and patterns. A classic interior design is based upon order, balance, and perfect harmony. Unlike modern design, classic ones use traditional elements and focal points. It make use of decorative furnishings, rugs, carpets, candle holders, chandeliers, wall lights and many others.

فضای غذاخوری کلاسیک

Choosing a dining table that is transitional in style should be your first and most important part of your selection. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your dining table.

فضای غذاخوری کلاسیک

Let the size of the room be your guide in determining the size of the table and hence, how many guests you can seat.

فضای غذاخوری کلاسیک

Roundtables are a perennial favorite these days as they are great for conversation. An oval dining table takes up less space, while rectangular tables are favorable when the room shape is similar.

فضای غذاخوری کلاسیک

Your design aesthetic along with design trends may change, so look to transitional dining pieces that can go with a multitude of styles. Be sure to select a finish that is pleasing, and easy to coordinate so you can change out pieces as your style evolves.

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The dining room chairs that you choose to gather around your dining room table can really dictate whether the space reads formal or casual.

فضای غذاخوری کلاسیک

Another great way to make a dining room more formal is by adding a storage piece, such as a server, buffet, or china cabinet. 

فضای غذاخوری کلاسیک

A classy rug perfectly centered under your dining room table and chairs instantly dresses up a formal dining room, making it feel more elegant and sophisticated. Choose carpets with rich colors.

فضای غذاخوری کلاسیک

Classic Dining Furniture


The magnificent Saraylı Classic dining room set was made entirely of natural wood with handmade craftsmanship. The dining room set consists of table and eight chairs. as well as different color options.


The dining room set, which is generally preferred by hand-crafted wood  on walnut Floor, was also produced in antique cream lacquer tones. The dining room set with orthopedic chairs offers a comfortable session to the user. 


Beautifully constructed by skilled craftsmen with a Classic Chestnut finish, the marble and carved accents create a unique ambiance for this outstanding collection. 


This Furniture collections  are noted for their awesome carvings, gorgeous finishes, durability and affordability. 


Featuring a classic European influence in its design, this dining room set depicts carved patterns and scrolled accents enhanced with gold-tone finish to put forward a regal appearance. 


Let yourself be amazed at the intricacy and time put into each piece of furniture. 


 This Series is heirloom quality furniture and the realization of your most beautiful dreams.The Dining Table is a treasure trove of exquisite detail and it will grace your home with the special elegance.

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