Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen isn’t just for storing and preparing food, it’s a place to come together, share with one another and relax.  You want your kitchen to be inviting and warm; use wooden cabinets for your kitchen.

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Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Wood cabinets add natural warmth to kitchens of every size and style. there are dark, medium, and light wood kitchen cabinets, including oak, walnut, fir, and cherry wood cabinets.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Natural materials and simple colors are a great place to start, and they have the added benefit of being easy to adapt to changing tastes.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets made from wood get a thin coat of white stain. The light wood cabinetry and open shelves contrast a  oak island stained.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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A simple  backsplash allows the distinctive dark wood cabinetry in this small kitchen to shine. A cabinet finish that lets the wood grain show through picks up on the colors of polished-marble countertops and distressed pewter pulls.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Cream subway tile and gray-vein granite keep rich dark-stained oak cabinets from weighing down this elegant kitchen. 

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Custom dark brown and cabinet doors design provide a mix of traditional and antique styles. Windows lighten up the dark wood cabinetry.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Wooden materials are very complementing to all the parts of the house. And there are varied kinds of wood materials to choose from such as pine, oak, mahogany and many more.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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On a wooden kitchen design, there are three important elements to keep an eye on.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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The appliances installed in your kitchen may be an attraction but do not forget that as one enters the kitchen area, the eyes may first wander on the surroundings particularly on the cabinets. 

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Having wooden kitchen designs in this room, you can opt for different kinds of timber, assorted shapes and styles. 

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