Large Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

There’s no clear definition of what makes a kitchen or any other space look luxurious and sophisticated in the first place. For beautiful kitchens it can be any number of things, such as the materials used, the colors, the finishes, the backsplash, the lighting, the fixtures, etc. 

These Kitchens Designed By Cucine Lube s.r.l

Verona Project

If you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel or installing a new kitchen, and budget isn’t your second, third or even a top ten concern, you’ll definitely want to explore the wide range of options available for luxury kitchens. 

Victoria Project

Luxury kitchen designs rely on sleek surfaces, like stainless steel and black marble countertops, to complement a minimalist design. For example, cherry wood cabinets are often paired with dark flooring options, white countertops, and stainless steel appliances and accents, like drawer handles. 

Virginia Project

Hardwood is the most durable and luxurious flooring material, which of course affects its market price. 

Pantheon Project

It is easy to get fascinated by luxury kitchen brands and custom faucets, but that’s an expense you don’t really need if you want a perfect contemporary kitchen design. 

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