Classic Kitchen Design Ideas

Classic kitchen styles are timeless and last through the ages. The classic kitchen style is extremely popular as it is a warm and inviting design. When choosing a classic kitchen design, aesthetics and practicality are primary considerations. 

These Kitchens Designed By Cucine Lube s.r.l

Agnese Project

In some kitchens the architecture alone influences a classic kitchen style. As one of the simplest designs, ensure balance and symmetry in design.

You don’t have to have an all-white kitchen for a classic feel. Alternative palettes such as neutral or brown still have elements of a classic kitchen when paired with white marble and classic door styles. Try mixing stained and painted cabinetry or choose neutral coloured subway tiles instead of white.

Arezzo Project

Another aspect that defines a classic style is simple cabinet doors. Keep it simple when choosing cabinetry in a classic design. Avoid raised panel or flat panel doors which are often seen in modern kitchens.

Asolo Project

Classic kitchens are very adaptable as you can easily change the look and feel of the kitchen by adding a modern, traditional or vintage touch. Add alternate bar stools, tiles or lighting to incorporate your personal style to a classic look. This style is easy if you ever want to change the design later down the track as it won’t cost you a fortune.

Blue Project

While we mostly associate an all-white palette with the classic style, white isn’t your only option. You can instead choose a neutral pallet and compliment it with black, brown, or white table tops and cabinetry for a classic style kitchen.

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