Many factors play a role in ensuring a great customer experience. While we always focus on the food and the service, we often overlook the restaurant layout, which in reality plays a crucial part in the overall experience of the customer. Read more

Whether you want to renovate your restaurant or are in the stages of opening one, when coming up with the design, consider the concept of your dining establishment first. Is it Italian, French, Asian, casual dining, or fast food? Your restaurant concept should then translate to its interior. Read more

When eating out, the first aspect any customer looks for in a restaurant is the quality and palatability of its food, and with good reason, because what’s a good restaurant sans the good food? That said, though, furniture setup also plays an important role, because when eating a great meal in good company, sitting in comfort is something that’s a given. Read more

When it comes to restaurants, food is given the most attention. This is rightly so. But restaurant owners should know that the food is not the only thing that attracts new customers and makes them keep coming back. Interior and excellent customer service are also given much importance and they do matter a lot. But all of these things can be destroyed by poor lighting. Read more

The kitchen is where the heart and soul of your restaurant is: the food, and the staff that create it. Commercial kitchens with layouts that are elegant, including all of the restaurant equipment that chefs need exactly where they need them, are essential to a restaurant’s success. Read more

The ideal restaurant menu offers a balance of unique dishes and old favorites. Consider the basic burger. You can offer it in classic form—plain or with American cheese. You can also offer a unique version, one that fits with your restaurant theme, such as topping the burger with guacamole and pepper jack cheese in a Mexican restaurant. Read more

Contrary to popular belief, restaurants are not built to cater to the greatest common denominator. It’s actually quite the opposite: Great restaurants know exactly who their target clientele are, and therefore carefully conceive and build an experience around their needs and desires. Read more

As soon as your nose detects a smell, it triggers the olfactory neurons in the upper part of your nose, sending electrical impulses to a part of the brain called the olfactory bulb. These impulses are then passed along to surrounding areas, collectively known as the limbic system. Read more

When patrons are dining at your restaurant, they  don’t always pay attention to your overhead background music, but that doesn’t mean they’re not affected by it. Subconsciously, the music you choose for your restaurant has a tremendous impact on perception, and can seriously influence what items you sell, how big your tickets are, and how long your customers will stay.  Read more

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