Guide to Designing a working Space

A lot of time and thought goes on behind the scenes to create the perfect office design, from the inclusion of light to the use of sound absorbing furniture – there’s a whole host of aspects that need to be taken into consideration before the plan of action can commence.

It’s all well and good having a modern office design, but if it’s impossible to use, then what’s the point? None of us have time to be spending 10 minutes trying to find the remote control that opens the filing cabinet. This is where the importance of functionality comes in. Often, whether the environment is actually fit for its intended purpose is disregarded, and more focus is put on whether it looks impressive. 

The importance of light in an office is two-fold. A bright space ensures a more productive workforce, breathing more life into the room and creating an environment where ideas and innovation can grow and thrive. Light is also a huge determining factor for workplace wellbeing.

Sound absorption
Sound levels play a key role in the success of an office. Different teams require different levels of noise, and this should be taken into account when designing an office.
Sound absorption can be achieved via noise friendly flooring, sound-absorbing furniture including wall partitions, couches and filing cabinets – all of which can lessen the acoustics of an office space – and even plants which have proven effective in reducing noise levels in an open office setting.

Ergonomics is the science of one’s efficiency in their workplace and the analysis of what could be altered or improved to increase this efficiency. The study explores whether workers are performing to their full potential and reaching maximum levels of productivity in regard to the equipment provided to them.
From the office chair to the height of the worker’s eye level, there are so many factors that need to be addressed when designing a workplace that is individually suited for each and every employee in order to establish adequate working conditions. Whilst this is of huge importance in office design considerations in 2018, many companies give the subject very little thought, which can often result in long term health problems regarding the back and neck.

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If you are planning to set up your new office then you can consult with some office interior designers because they are experienced and they can provide your several designing options. Apart from that, office interior consultants can finish their work within scheduled time frame and this is the main thing which is needed because it is your workstation an you need it to get ready within short time with all facilities and component. Read more

The reception area is often your best chance to make a good first impression. There are several practical concerns to consider when planning your reception area, including space considerations, pricing, and the number of guests you need to accommodate. However, you should also take into account the overall appearance of your reception area and whether it will appeal to your guests and make them feel welcome.  Read more

With the increase in employees who work remotely or while traveling, conference room has become more and more popular in the office. Conference rooms are now designed not only for face-to-face meetings, but to maximize this technology. This allows employees outside the office to remain involved in every aspect of the business. Read more

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