Implant Logyca Dental office interiors

Arlington, VA, USA

A curved corner triangular feature volume, clad with natural wool felt strips of different thicknesses and widths, dictates the flow of the 1,800 square foot office. Lined in bright yellow to encourage energy, admissions and checkout are handled separately from inside at opposite ends. From the entry through the waiting area patients walk up to the reception counter before proceeding for treatment while signing out occurs inconspicuously on the other side. It was one of the main concerns to isolate acoustically from the surgical suites in such reduced square footage.

Five operatories laid out along the perimeter benefit from the urban and open views while allowing the natural light to be filtered through color laminated glass into the lab and sterilization core. Each operatory was assigned a specific color that would help endorse vitality and generate a forceful impact on patients health. Skillful color matching materials inside each room unleash interesting optical illusions when walking in and out from the main corridor which displays more muffled whites and grays.


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