Modern Sofa

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M33

This Sofa is a sight for sore eyes after a long, hard day.

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M34

One of the centerpieces in your living room’s style, sofas are an anchor piece that helps set the tone for your home’s style – and seats everyone together! 

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M35

Crafted from a solid pine wood frame, this piece is wrapped in polyester upholstery for a padded touch while you relax.

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M36

Whether you’re sprucing up the breakroom or the lobby, this sofa is the perfect pick. Dimension : Armchair : 107w , 107d , 62h cm ,  Two seater sofa : 214w , 107d , 62h cm and Three seater sofa : 280w , 107d , 62h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M37

Crafted from solid wood. Dimension : Armless sofa small size : 87w , 105d , 62h cm , medium size : 107w , 105d , 62h cm and large size : 127w , 105d, 62h cm. Corner sofa dimension : small : 112w , 105d , 62h cm , medium : 132w , 105d , 62h cm and large : 152w , 105d , 62h cm. Pouf dimension : 137w , 105d , 35h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M38

Gamify your living room with this flawless piece of furniture. Two seater sofa dimension : 180w , 105d , 68h cm and Armless sofa dimension : 105w, 105d , 68h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M39

The perfect pick for any modern interior design. overall dimension : 300w , 120d , 76h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M40

Round out your living room arrangement with this sofa, a modern touch to your abode. overall dimension : 300w , 102d , 75h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M41

If you want to add a touch of modern style to your living room arrangement, you’ll love this sofa! Dimension of sofa : 200w , 72d , 72h cm and Armchair dimension : 76w , 72d , 72h cm.

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