Modern Sofa

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M42

Bring comfortable modern style to your living room with this sofa. Dimension of sofa : 200w , 98d , 68h cm and dimension of armchair : 78w , 98d , 68h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code : SOF-M43

In step with modern designs, this Sofa creates a fashion-forward feel in your living room layout. Dimension of sofa : 160w , 88d , 77h cm and dimension of Armchair : 80w , 88d , 78h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code SOF-M44

An ideal combination of modern design with a mid-century vibe, this sofa makes the perfect anchor for your living room. dimendion of three seater sofa : 220w , 95d , 88h cm, dimension of two seater sofa : 190w , 95d , 88h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code: SOF-M45

Bring modern style to your space in a cinch with this sofa. dimension of two seater medium sofa : 183w , 106d , 81h cm, two seater medium sofa : 218w , 106d , 81h cm, three seater sofa : 248w , 106d , 81h cm and dimension of pouf : 60w , 120d , 40h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code: SOF-M46

The anchor of any living room, sofas are central for both giving everyone a seat during a movie marathon or game night, while also tying together your space’s look. two seater sofa dimension : 178w, 104d , 85h cm, three seater medium sofa dimension : 198w, 104d , 85h cm, three seater large sofa dimension : 228w, 104d , 85h cm.

مبل مدرن

Code: SOF-M47

If you’re looking to put together a room with a modern touch, try a sofa like this! two seater medium sofa dimension : 190w , 105d , 80h cm, two seater large sofa dimension : 210w , 105d , 80h cm, three seater medium sofa dimension : 230w , 105d , 80h cm, three seater large sofa dimension : 250w , 105d , 80h cm, pouf dimension : 100w , 70d , 40h cm.

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